Monday, September 22, 2008

Celebrating Diversity

Over the weekend, Ryan and I were driving around downtown and noticed a sudden influx of people. I absolutely love going to festivities, so I am thinking in my mind "how did we miss out," we never hear about the events taking place. So I am begging Ryan to find a parking spot so we can join the fun. We are in a long trail of other cars trying to find a place to park. I look up and the SUV we have been following has a big rainbow sticker across their back window, I think to my self, "hmmh, those people must be gay." We drive up and down a few more streets and I notice every couple of houses have rainbow flags, rainbow balloons, rainbow this and rainbow that. We soon realize that this event that we are missing out on is a gay rights parade. Well, that didn't stop us from attending. It was pretty fun. Here are some photos....

Good times

Friday, September 5, 2008

labor day weekend

Ryan and I have been so busy these last couple of weeks, so I apologize to the neglected emails, phone calls, and our absence on our blog. This last weekend my parents came in town for labor day. It was great to have them here and to get some one on one time with them. Friday my mom and I had a girls day shopping (dad was very thankful we got the shopping done before he flew in). Saturday afternoon we spent out on the lake with my dad's twin brother and his family. I was so proud of my mom, she got up on the surf board for her first time and did really well. I hope I can do that at 51! Sunday we took a drive to Canton Texas to meet up with my sister who happen to be in town too. Canton is a TEXAS SIZE swap meet in a nut shell. It was a sight to see. Monday we took it easy with a relaxing pedicure, and a movie.
Thanks mom and dad for a great weekend.
Roadside homemade peach ice cream

Mom's new boyfriend