Sunday, November 7, 2010

Setting The Table

This year we are hosting Thanksgiving! This may be tricky without a dining room table; I will have to get creative to solve this one. But none the less the food will be fantastic. We just reserved our 14lb organic turkey @ Whole Foods. Ryan is in charge of the Turkey, this takes the pressure off me. No Griswold dinner here. I wish all of you lived closer, and we could enjoy each other’s company.
My table top inspiration
I wish I had a picture of the invitations I sent out. They turned out super cute. The invitations read:
You’re invited to join us in a Thanksgiving celebration
At the Kimball residence
November 25, Dinner will be served at 4pm

Herb Roasted Turkey
Honey Baked Ham
Whipped Mashed Potatoes
Chestnut Stuffing
Butter Greens
Candied Yams
Monkey Bread

Please share with us your favorite pie

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Cleopatra and her Mummy

We hand made both our costumes, so crafty this year!
We had a great Halloween this year! Ryan and I have been working on this Halloween "project" practically all month and it finally made its big debut the weekend of Halloween. We got two pieces of black fabric drew two skeletons, cut them out, and backed it with white fabric. We hung them in the front two windows and put the strobe light on. It looked pretty cool! I couldn't get a good picture, one with lights one with out.