Friday, May 29, 2009

The Incline

What is the Incline? The Incline is an old cable car track that was used as a scenic route for Mt. Manitou. The cable car used to take people up the face of the rocky Mountains before shutting down in the 90s. Now people climb it for fun. Well technically it is not open to the public, but everyone still does it. From start to finish it is about a mile long. You start at an elevation of 6574 and end at 8585. The average grade of the hike is 41% and in some parts 68%! Ryan wanted to see how fast he could make it up, he finished in 35 minutes! It was definitely exhausting, and today I am feeling the effects.

At the very bottom looking upMid way through looking down, that makes me dizzy!
Our car is parked at that white circle on the middle right side of the pic.
We made it!

Part Two: Garden of the Gods


Janelle said...

Wow that's so cool. I would had made it about a quarter of the way. Miss you

The Lindsay Family said...

what? no pictures?? I guess you guys will just have to do it all over again!! HA!

Janelle said...

That's crazy! It's probably so much harder with those railroad ties. Let's go to the garden of the gods next time were there. Thanks . Miss you

The Lindsay Family said...

You must have just put pics up b/c I didn't see them before. that is quite the incline...looks fun! When are you coming to NC?