Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home for the holidays

Merry Christmas to everyone!! This was the first Christmas in many years where we have all been together. We had such a great time hanging around. We made Gingerbread houses, went bowling, toured the Denver Art Museum, played lots of games, had a skit night, celebrated Maci's Birthday, ate too much food, saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ( I highly recommend it), and much much more. I took so many pictures I had to put them all in a slide show and even still I am missing half of them. I miss all of you already...

Christmas 08

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Cards

A few friends asked me to take their Holiday photos and I wanted to share them. They are pretty amateur, but it was fun to pretend I know what I am doing.

Thanksgiving 08

Happy late Thanksgiving to all. Tom and Annette Kimball came in town for the holiday and we had a wonderful weekend. Thanksgiving morning we headed down town to participate in the Turkey Trout. It was a 5k walk/run, but there were so many people there it was literally impossible to run. The total estimate of people was 35,000!!! It was neat to see so many people get out and participate with their families. After the race was over we came home and Ryan made us all a yummy Thanksgiving brunch, croque madame with fresh berries and mint. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and watching football. This year we cheated and went out for dinner. We went to this fantastic restaurant downtown called Charlie Palmer. The food was delicious. At home, we made homemade vanilla bean ice cream, homemade pumpkin pie and whipped cream.
The rest of the weekend we wanted to give Tom and Annette a little taste of what is authentic to the area. Friday night we took them to the best home cookin' you can find here in Dallas, Babes Fried Chicken Saturday we showed them around downtown Fort Worth and the stock yards. That evening we went to Joe T Garcia's where they only serve fajitas or enchiladas with a line out the door, literally. Sunday was really neat, we went to the Dallas Museum of Modern Art for the King Tut exhibition. It was so cool to see all of the ancient artifacts from his tomb. But beware if you are going to go, Tutankhamun is not actually there. Sad. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and have so much to be thankful for, and we hope all of you did too. Thank you so much Tom and Annette for coming in town for Thanksgiving it was so great to spend time with together.