Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ft Worth Museum of Modern Art

Last weekend Ryan and I went to the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art, and to the Kimbell Art Museum. They were both really neat museums. The modern art museum was unfortunately partly closed because they are installing a new exhibition. And it just so happen that the one piece in particular that we wanted to see was in the section they had closed off! That was a huge disappointment! The artist that we were interested in seeing is a man by the name of Ron Mueck. He is a phenomenal ultra realism artist. He captures minute detail of the human body and does them in all different scales. We first saw his work in the Denver art museum and were excited to learn he had a piece here in Texas. The old lady is the Ron Mueck we missed, we will soon be back to check her out.

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Sorensens said...

That looks really cool, we never really got a good chance to go there, maybe someday. Glad you had a good time.