Monday, July 21, 2008

late nights

This past week was a busy week for me. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started on Friday, which means no days off and working long hours. In between work I had to find time to spend with Ryan and relax. Ryan was really sweet and brought home a box of gourmet chocolates that were really tasty. He also did some research and found out about this new thing they are doing at the Dallas Art Museum where they stay open till midnight on Friday nights. I was so excited because the museums usually close around 5 or 6 and we can never make it there in time. Our good friends Henry and Nana joined us. Some of the highlights - They had a Frank Gehry Easy Edges chair on display, designed 1970. What was even better is they had a replica of the Frank Gehry Wiggle chair and you actually could sit in it! I have always wanted to touch one of his pieces, and now I could. Another piece I thought was neat was done by Janine Antoni, tittled lick and lather. It was two self sculptures, one was made of chocolate and the other made from soap. She licked and washed away details on the face signifying ones perception of beauty in women. I had never heard of this artist before, I researched her later and she is an interesting character. The next night we went and saw Batman: The Dark Night. It was so good. Both Ryan and I really enjoyed it. I am a huge fan of Heath Ledger, he was such an amazing actor with so much talent. I enjoyed his phenomenal performance in Brokeback Mountain as well as his Joker role in Batman. It was an award winning performance. We highly recommend seeing it.

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