Friday, August 8, 2008


There has been a lot of hype in recent years with cupcakes: they are mini cakes, personalized; an individual cake for someone to enjoy all to themselves, whats there not to like? I have heard of sprinkles cupcakes a few years back and was curious to know what was so special. Since I was living in Utah at the time there was no way for me to try one fresh from the bakery, so I settled for the sprinkles cake mix sold at Williams and Sonoma. I made them, tasted them and didn't see the big deal. I realize I should not leave it up to my cooking to determine the true taste of these cupcakes. A few years later, and a move to Dallas; Ryan brought me home some sprinkles cupcakes. I was excited to give them another chance. The first one I tried was a white cake with chocolate icing. It was horrible. The cake was so dense with no flavor. I moved on to the chocolate cake with a marshmallow filling. The cake improved, it was fluffy, the flavor was OK. I tried a few other variations of chocolate and that was enough for my verdict. Sprinkles cupcakes are just another cupcake. Which is something that died in the 1980s with children's birthdays.


Lindsay Family said...

I guess I'll return the box of cupcakes I got you for your birthday. Just kidding! Too bad they were such a disappointment. That's why I stick to ice cream!

Henry O said...

Please burn me a copy of the tracks on your page if you have the CD. One!

Sorensens said...

YES! Someone eles who is like whats the big deal about these cupcakes. I was not to impressed with these and thought they are kind of -yuck. But they do look cute.