Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cancun, Mexico

Ryan and I decided to head to Cancun for a couple of days. We had such a good time; I really had a hard time leaving. The colors were so beautiful, between the bright blue ocean and all the plants and flowers. Where ever there was space available something was growing. The first day we got there we spent our time exploring. That evening the resort hosted a Mexican show with yummy Mexican food, and performances by some talented dancers.

The next day we heard it was supposed to sprinkle on and off, which it did, so we decided to use that day to visit the Mayan Temple, Chitzen Itza. It was just named one of the new Wonders of the World. It was pretty incredible to see. The Mayan people were so smart and everything they built had a greater significant meaning. For example, the main temple, around every spring and autumn equinox at the rising and setting of the sun, the corner of the structure casts a shadow in the shape of a serpent. In addition it had four sides with four stair cases. Each side had 91 steps totaling 365. The Mayans were one of the first people to understand the mathematical significance of zero. Another one of their structures, the observatory, had a tiny window at the top and when the sun shined directly through they new exactly what time of year it was and when to harvest. The Mayans also did a lot of crazy things too. Mexico is made of lime stone, when water penetrates under lime stone it erodes and creates a giant sink hole called a Cenote. The Mayan people thought of Cenotes as holy and would sacrifice children and valuable things like Jade (meaning eternal life) by throwing them in the Cenotes. On our tour we had the chance to swim in a Cenote, scary!! It actually wasn’t at the same location as the Mayan ruins but who knows it could have been used a sacrificial site.

The rest of the trip we spent relaxing on the beach. Oh and we went snorkeling, but I have to say I though Cozumel had better snorkeling. I haven’t got my under water camera developed yet, but when I do I will post some pictures of our finds. For now here are the some pictures of our trip above water…

Our hotel we stayed at, The Royal Cancun
Chitzen Itza, the main temple
ornate detail
The Observatory
Columns in the the temple of a Thousand Warriors
This was a crazy wall with skulls engraved on the stone,
underneath there were real human skulls
The Cenote where they did all of the sacrificing
The Cenote where we swam Ryan jumping in the Cenote


The Lindsay Family said...

WOW! What a fun get-away! I can't wait to see the under water pictures! North Carolina may not be exotic...but it's a great place to visit for your next trip!! (HINT HINT - come see me!!)

Melanie said...

I had NO idea you already went! I assumed y'all were planning a trip later in the year. How fun to take a trip like that in Jan. I bet it was nice to get away. I love Mexico. We enjoyed both of our trips there. I'm glad you had a good time. What are y'all uo to?

Jenna and Adam said...

It's me again, my parents went to Cancun last fall, and they have some of the EXACT same pictures!