Saturday, February 7, 2009

Road Trip

Ryan and I took a road trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. Since we live so close, and if we ever moved from Texas we would probably never make the trip. So last minute, we packed up and headed out.

Day One:
Check in to Ashtons New Orleans Bed and Breakfast

This was our first experience with a Bed and Breakfast, and Astons set the bar high for all future B&B. The home was built in 1861, and has remarkable details fit to the time period. The breakfast in the mornings were absolutely delicious. Our favorite: sweet potato French toast with pralines and sweet syrup. It was so rich and yummy.
After checking in, we grabbed lunch from a local hole-in-the-wall, Parkway Bakery & Tavern. "Your Po'Boy Destination." A Po'Boy is a traditional sub sandwich on Louisiana french bread. Very tasty. After lunch we drove around to explore the city. We walked around the french quarter and admired the architecture.

Later that night we grabbed and ice cream from a local creamery. Ryan got a cheesy Sunday, so he earned himself a self portrait.

Day Two: We went to a VooDoo Museum.

VooDoo Dolls
To Keep going with our "morbid" theme, we visited a grave yard. We wanted to go to the graveyard where the Voodoo Princess was barried but we were told it wasn't safe to go alone. So we settled for the Layfette Graveyard, safely located in the Garden District. The grave yards in New Orleans are really spactacular because everything is above ground, the land is way to wet to barrier anything, or anyone.
After exploring the graveyard we still had a little time before our lunch reservation at the famous Commander's Palace. Just up the street was a little shopping district where we stumbled upon what ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip. A local Photographer's gallery. We talked with photographer, David Spielman about his experiences with Hurricane Katrina. He had the most impactful shots and stories to share. He published a book, Katrinaville Chronicles where you can read his day-by-day journal about his experiences of the disaster and see the footage he captured. We purchased one of his books and he even signed it for us!

After lunch we did some of our own exploring the after math of Katrina. We drove around quite a bit in the ninth ward, which was hit the hardest. Almost 4 years later and look what we still found:Markings on the houses indicate the date the damage assessment team inspected the house and the number of dead bodies found inside, if any.

Day Three:
We toured The Myrtles Plantation, "One of America's most haunted homes." The home is over 213 years old and has a fascinating history. At least 10 murders/ deaths have occurred on the property. However during our time there we did NOT experience any super natural happenings.This next picture is the only thing you are allowed to take a picture of in the house. Supposedly this mirror has been replaced once a year because every time they get a new mirror it turns dark and the same smudge like hand print reappears. Also, a man died on the 17th step of the staircase in the reflection. ... a handsome ghost in this one

Last stop before home, the Mississippi RiverWhat a GREAT trip we had. We enjoyed our trip to New Orleans and taking part in their culture, it is a great place.

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