Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Fourth in Monterey

Lucky for us we spent the Fourth in Monterey, California. The Kimball family has their reunion every other year, always in Monterey, always over the fourth of July (at least sense I've been around). To my disappointment there were NO fireworks this year. NO fireworks. Tom says because California is bankrupt. Tragic. I love fireworks, but to tell you the truth no one does fire works like Utah does fireworks.

This was my third time to attend the Kimball reunion, and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the previous years. We did all of the touristy things, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fisherman's Warf, 17 mile drive, walked around the shops in Carmel. I am a real sucker for tourist traps, they never seem to get old.
When we first arrived (after we stopped at in n out of course) we all met at Phil's Fish Market, famous for their chipino. It may look familiar because this is a frequent stop when we are in town. Ryan loves this soup! I however...well that is why we went to in n out first.
We went traipsing through the rocks at low tide. I could spend all day out there looking for creatures. This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip. We found so many cool things.Don't worry I just fell right in the water, it was graceful I am sure. I landed right on my bum, and saved the camera. The worst part is I had a perfect abalone shell in my back pocket and completely crushed it.Uncle Allen is in the Seafood Business, and has great knowledge of marine life, it was like having our own personal tour guide. He knew right where to find all the little creatures and what they are. Monetery Bay AquariumOne of many walks on the beach. So gorgeous!Women of the Kimball Family
A few trips ago I made a sweet discovery. I'm not sure which I like better Maggie Moos Chocolate better batter, or Thrifty's Chocolate Malt Ball Crunch.We played a couple games of Tennis. (One of my most recent hobbies, I've been taking classes at the rec center and really enjoy the game.)Ryan and his challengerCarmel Corn is the BEST on Fisherman's Warf. Every piece is perfectly coated with crunchy delicious caramel. Thank you Tom and Annette for a wonderful trip!


Gwen said...

You got some great pictures! I'm bummed that the one day I missed the nature walk you guys found so much awesome stuff! I should have gotten up to come with you. It was fun to see everyone! I always love going there... I definitely miss the weather now that I'm back in hot Utah!

k & k meador said...

i love your yellow sweater!! as far as the ice cream, i have never had the moose one, but i would still have to vote for chocolate malted crunch. that is my favorite and i get it every time i go back to visit my parents in california :)

Janelle said...

OOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!! I love the pictures of you and Ryan!! PRECIOUS!!! I love those aquarium and all the creature pictures. I am going to have to show Kent, he is going to be super jealous!!!!

MagGie Mooooos is WAY better then that malt ball crap!


Janelle said...

Katie I posted the same time as you, Im making fun of Jill, not you. haha. LOVE YOU

Tiffany said...

Aw, it looks like you guys had so much fun! Your yellow sweater is way cute, and I am jealous about your Thrifty ice cream cone!