Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday in LA

We escaped to LA for the weekend to celebrate the big 2-7. I feel much older and wiser already! We scored a nice corner suite at the W Hotel in Westwood. For my birthday dinner we went to Mario Batali’s restaurant Pizzeria Mozza. Ryan is saying “best pizza” he has had. It really was delicious, I just don't know if I can commit to best EVER. The highlight of the trip was seeing the works of one of our favorite artist, Banksy. Banksy is an elusive street artist who travels all over painting commentary pieces in opportune spots. Such as this one on the wall between Palestine and Israel.For the first time ever his art is displayed in an exhibit, and he payed for everyone who visits on a Monday! If you live in LA, or you want to make a special trip, you can see it right now at the MOCA.I love how all of his art is thought provoking and pushes the envelope on social injustice. His pieces are now selling for close to six figures! The most intriguing part is no one knows who or what he looks like. There are speculations of his real name and who he is but it may or may not be him?? You can watch this documentary on street art called Exit Through The Gift Shop. His work and himself are all so fascinating.

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Janelle said...

Im so JEALOUS!! you guys look like you had so much fun. Those paintings are really cool. and you look so beautiful!! I love your dress!!!