Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!This year I had Dad all to myself, ladies (Jennifer, Jamie, Janelle) better luck next year. For fathers day we went camping at lake McConaughy. Ryan and I can now cross Nebraska off our list. Nebraska is pretty, very green with tons of farm land. The lake is so different than lakes here in Colorado with white sandy beaches! It was so funny to see tractors on the launch ramps. There was one paved launch ramp and the rest were all sand. They would use the tractors to launch the boats, I guess that's how they do it in Nebraska. One of the few pictures from the trip, Mom and Dad's tent: complete with "nightstands," two fans, a queen blow up mattress, and fresh white sheets.

On Sunday RYAN made us homemade berry pie and ice cream. It was so delicious, he made everything from scratch, from the crust to the ice cream. I am so lucky to have such a talented husband, he calls me his sous chef.


Lindsay Family said...

First of all...SOOO jealous you got dad all to yourself! It sounds like you all had a great camping trip - even though mom's tent was PRIMPED! HA HA HA! Secondly, when on earth are you going to post pictures of you HOUSE???? And third, I want some of that berry delicious pie!!! Looks YUM! MISS YOU TONS! When is the next cruise? ha ha ah!

Janelle said...

ooo LOVE the pendant light and frames!! woo woo!

LOVE mom's nightstands. haha!

and LOVE Ryan. I better be getting some of that when I come in town!!

most importantly...I LOVE you!!

BAHHAHAHHAHAHA! I always re-read my comments before I post. Just realized how bad the third line sounds....I MEANT by getting some of that Ice Cream and Pie...I just thought it would be implied but probably not with the LOVE Ryan first. hahahaha!