Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This past weekend Ryan and I went to the Texas State Fair, it was a blast. We tried lots of fair food, took a ride on the Texas size ferris wheel, and looked at all the new cars coming out. We tried to sign up to be judges for the chili contest, but they were already full, dang it! Every year they have a fried food contest so this year the winner went to Chicken fried bacon. It cost 10 tickets for a basket! I did not want a WHOLE basket I just wanted to sample it, after one piece it was enough to get the idea. It tasted like fried food. We also tried a fried smore, that too tasted like a ball of fried food. The other runner ups were: a fried Jelly Belly, fried banana split, fried grilled cheese sandwich, fried chocolate truffle, and the list goes on. Ryan got to meet Big Tex himself (he is a huge animated character that tells you what is going on at the fair that day in a really cheesy Texan voice.) We missed out on the pig race which I really wanted to see. Instead we saw some dogs do some silly tricks. All in all it was a fun day filled of entertainment.


Janelle said...

i love big TEX he is awesome! i miss the Texas Fair. remember when you and I went on that crazy spinning ride. it made my legs go nmb when I got off. haha.

Sorensens said...

Yea! I love the fair! It is almost as fun as watching a "Pride" parade. I love the pictures of the big pumpkins, I think I try that this year- oh,maybe not.

Gwen said...

I need to be better at checking in... this looks like so much fun! Chicken fried bacon? That sounds terrible and good all at once... lol.