Sunday, October 26, 2008

Texas BBQ trail

During our trip to central Texas we decided to visit a few of the iconic Texas Barbecue places on the "Texas BBQ Trail." Our trail began on our way south. Passing through Waco, we stopped at Rudy's. Although, the Rudy's in Austin is alot better. The remainder of our trail went through Luling where we visited Luling City Market. Luling City Market is one of the oldest and most legendary Barbecue restaurants in the nation. The meat is purchased in a separate room from the seating area. The town and restaurant itself were very charismatic. However the meat was a little dry. We tried the classics: ribs, brisket, sausage. We attributed the meat's dryness to the fact that we were visiting at an off-hour in the afternoon and the meet had probably been prime during the lunch rush. The character of the place was Luling City Market's biggest appeal. Our next stop was Lockhart; a town known for Texas barbecue. We arrived at Smitty's market with our bellies still full from Luling. The town of Lockhart had the same appeal that can be found in many of the small central Texas towns on the BBQ trail. Smitty's Market was very similar to Luling City Market in the food and the separation of the dining room from the meat cookers. Smoke filled the entryway and upon negotiating the dark, black corridor leading to the kitchen we noticed the walls were all iron. Lots of character and lots of meat were found on our BBQ trail.

The orbs in the pictures are a result of the thick smoke in the air.

Part Two:
The remainder of our trip we floated down the Guadalupe river, visited the Alamo and walk around the historic Market Square in San Antonio.

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Lindsay Family said...

Looks like a fun filled trip! Next time you travel, you should come East and visit me and I will show how the South does BBQ!!!! mmmm mmmm good! LOVE YOU! See you soon!
PS - I am almost having a baby!!!