Sunday, October 26, 2008

Salt Lake City, Utah

Our trip to Utah was an amazing trip. Utah was at its finest, the weather was absolutely perfect! The trees had all changed their color, and we were able to see the small window of fall. We enjoyed spending time with family and going around visiting all of our favorite places to eat. To name a few: Trio, The Pie, Lone Star Taqueria, and Tony Caputo’s. I flew up earlier to spend a couple of days with the Isaacsons. It was so fun to finally see and hold Mason, he is so precious. Kent was patient enough to let me do a little family photo shoot for them and I think the pictures turned out so cute. Ryan and his parents flew in on Friday, and Saturday we attended a wedding and flew home Sunday night. Short but sweet.

some (a ton) pictures from our trip:
(I know some of you already saw some of these on Janelle's blog, but I love them too!)


lyndsey said...

JILL! hi! i randomly found your blog and was SO excited. looks like you are doing great! and janelle had a baby??? geez, time flies. hope all is well in texas!

Lindsay Family said...

my favorite is the one of you and Janelle - i miss my sisters! I LOVE YOU!
as of 10/28/2008 1:13pm - no baby yet.

Henry O said...

Brilliant Jill, you are good @ this photo 'beezness'... Ever thought about a career in photography?!

Sorensens said...

Really cute pictures. I have to say that my family is so cute and I love them all. Glad that you had a good time in Utah, You made me hungry-there are some great places to eat there.

Matt said...

Thank you for eating at Caputo's. We appreciate it very much.
Matt Caputo
Director of Marketing

P.S. Cute Baby!!!