Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hallett Regatta

Who: Anyone who owns a Hallett boat
What: Every other year Hallett host a party where all the boat owners get together and celebrate. There is always a poker run and a party at night with lots of prize giveaways. The best part of all is the In-out-truck.
When: Father's Day weekend (I am really late in getting these up)
Where: Lake Mead NV
The next day we went to The Coffee Cup. It was featured on diners drive-ins and dives!


The Lindsay Family said...

I miss the Hallett Regada! HOW FUN! Where's the famous picture of the Hallett line up at the beginning of the race?? Can't wait to see you soon!!

Lindsay said...

So much fun! Miss yall so much - looks like yall had a great time!

Melanie said...

I'm jealous! I miss the river/Lake Havesu SO much! We all have a lot of good memories from there! I remember when I got to go to the Hallet Regatta, it was fun! What are you and Ryan up to these days? We need an update. I hope you're doing well! Love and miss ya!

modell said...

I'm finally getting around to catching up on blogs! What a fun vacation. And, what a sweet boat! Hope you both are doing well and had a great summer!