Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer in no paticular order

I have neglected this blog for quite sometime now; this is our summer in brief.
First, I have some old river pictures that I uploaded but never finished a post. [the date of this post is a reflection of that]
Remnants of our June river trip:

At the beginning of the summer Ryan and I did a Triathlon in Vail. It was absolutely gorgeous up there. We stayed at a really nice resort which made for a very relaxing weekend.
This is where we did the swim portion of the race. Ryan and I were 2 of about 5 people who were not wearing wetsuits. BIG mistake I could barely breath the whole time. It was freezing!
A small reward after the raceOur hotelRyan and I purchased a Tent!

We used it twice this summer and hope to use it many more times in the future.
My sister Jamie and her family came in town from North Carolina and spent a couple weeks with us. It was great to have them here. It was so fun to wake up to my little nieces in the morning.

We celebrated many summer/ post summer birthday!and saving the best news for last...
Ryan and I bought a house!!! Well right now we have some dirt, we decided to build a new home and it will be done in 6months. We are so excited and hope the time flies.

The day we signed the papers. This will be our lot, behind the green house. They should break ground this week! Yipee.


Gwen said...

You guys always have the funnest updates... looks like a fun summer! And congratulations on the house! I hope the building goes quickly and well and you're settled in soon :)

Janelle said...

Yay!!! i love all these pictures.
PS you were suppose to send me your memory card of the riveer trip...remember??
You look really skinny...I hate you!

The Lindsay Family said...

JILL! I love all the fun posts - sorry i haven't checked blogs in a long time!! I love you and I hope you are enduring while your house is being built! I am excited for you guys to get your own place!

Michele said...

What fun pics and congrats on the new house. I hope you take pics and share with us along the way!!
love you.........

Henry O said...

What's Ryan's secret???
He looks great