Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eat Seafood

Living in the land locked state that we do; it is a rare occurrence to find good fresh sea food.  Another one of our “must do’s” on the list while in California; eat seafood.  So we all boarded the ferry and took the 25 min ride across the bay to Sausalito, where we ate lunch at Scoma’s.   We had the perfect table right by the window; we could see the whole city stretch across the bay. For lunch we started with popcorn shrimp to share that was so delicious and fresh.  Ryan had a lobster sandwich and I had crab cakes.  After lunch we window shopped while making our way to ride the boat back to San Francisco. A perfect day in the city with family. 


marcum and laura said...

awww, your posts are making me really miss San Francisco!!! keep it up :-)

Janelle Isaacson said...

barf! :)
still would love to get stranded with you in San Fransico again!