Saturday, January 7, 2012

3 cities, 3 very different burgers

It is no secret that we like our food over here.  We are always trying to find the best of the best, burgers included. Over the holidays we tried three popular burger joints, one in California, New Mexico, and Colorado. To keep it simple I will narrow my criteria to three categories; bun, patty, and spread.

The Squeeze Inn, known for their cheese burger.
Bun- Way too dense, I took the bottom bun off and flipped it over to eat.
Patty- Good size, meat flavor was mediocre. Reminiscent of a freezer patty.
Spread- meh.
Stamp of approval- No, with multiple In-n-Outs in close proximity this burger doesn't even come close to as good.

Bobcat Bite, known for their green chili burger.
Bun- The bun was nice, lightly toasted, you have to eat this one fast because the bun got really soggy after soaking up all the meat juice.
Patty- Was HUGE. They grind their own beef here, and cooked it perfectly.
Spread- Being known for their green chili, I would say that was the worst part of this burger, they tasted straight out of the diced Hatch green chili can. Under impressed.
Stamp of approval- Yes, if you are in Santa Fe, this Burger is worth the wait. With only 6 tables or so you will definitely be waiting.

(I forgot to snap a photo of this one, via)

Drifter's, known for tasting like In-n-Out.
Bun- Toasted nicely, not to dense, just the right amount of bun here.
Patty- The meat quality was lacking, much like In-n-Out the patty was thin, which I don't mind. It just didn't taste very fresh.
Spread- The sauce didn't quite make the mark, a little too sour.
Stamp of approval- It was OK, nothing special, probably wont be back. Typical of a copy cat, leaves you wishing for the real thing.

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Janelle Isaacson said...

the middle hamburger just ruin my appetite for the whole day. I really might turn out to be a vegan.