Sunday, January 15, 2012

Santa Fe

For new years we joined my parents in Santa Fe. They we were coming back from a road trip to Vegas and we were wanting to get away for the weekend, so Santa Fe made perfect sense. Neither Ryan or I had been to Santa Fe, but there was one thing that has been drawing us down there for a few years and that is Bobcat Bite. The hamburger joint we have anticipated for a few years made the Kimball approved list.
Other than the good burger, Santa Fe has streets and streets of boutique shops, galleries, and adobe structures.  The smell there was so nice, I'm not sure exactly what type of wood it is, but there are a lot of wood burning fires filling the air with this wonderful sent of cedar/ Pinion?? I love the smell of pine and wood burning. We bought a couple of wood bundles to bring home with us to burn in our fire pit, I can't wait to burn them.
Mom and Dad and their long trailer. It was so funny listening to Dad tell stories of their RVing experiences so far. They were caught up in one too many conversation with people that have nothing better to do then talk your ear off, and everyone in the parks are willing to lend an extra hand. Dad said when they first pulled into one spot they had a handful of people jump on over to help them back it in, yelling from different direction, "keep it coming," "a little left," "a little right."  Mom and Dad are pretty excited for their adventures to come in the Cameo and mom already started a Cameo journal to document it all.


Gordon, Jamie, Evelyn, Claire and Bonnie said...

Looks beautiful and like a fun trip!! Can't wait to see you this summer! LOVE YOU!

Janelle Isaacson said...

soo fun! I want to camp with you...