Thursday, February 16, 2012

Me and My Valentine

Ryan and I had a very nice, low key Valentines. After work we went to dinner in Boulder at this little family owned restaurant called Il Pastio. We went there last year too, it is becoming quite the little tradition. It is nice to go to a SMALL QUIET place for Valentines. I hate celebrating with the masses.  The whole restaurant only has no more than 10 tables, and it is run by a husband, wife and their son. The pasta and sauces are all hand made, I have yet to find better Italian food, Period. 

I gave Ryan this adorable print I ordered from Etsy, with our initials and wedding anniversary printed on it. You can custom pic your colors for the birds and the trees and I painted the matting yellow. I thought it was so cute, it will make the perfect art addition to our bedroom. Happy Valentines to you and yours!